This New York weather has me crazy!


Who else is annoyed with the weather in New York, I can’t be the only one?!? I mean the winter last year in NYC was so mild, I didn’t wear a coat half the time (thanks global warming). This year, its, warm, cold, rainy, cloudy… all within the same week – insert eye roll here.

To me it gets a little confusing when I’m going through my closet trying to pick my outfit for the day. When I think of dressing for the fall/winter I think layers, which usually consists of denim, a turtleneck or a chunky sweater and top it off with a great jacket (denim and leather are my favorite). Because of the bipolar weather, I find myself buying a crappy shirt from the I LOVE NY stand on the corner of Canal and Bowery because it’s not cold enough for the 10 layers I thought I needed.


This outfit is simply layered, and it kept me warm. Throwing a jacket on top is an easy way to layer, and an easy piece to take off (obviously). This “in-between” outfit is perfect for this type of weather.


The SB




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